Technologies of the 21st century

Established in 1983, simco group is a leading name in india providing advanced
scientific and industrial solutions in the field of Lasers & Optics, VLSI/MEMS technology, Surface Science,
Material Science, UV technology, Furnaces And Turnkey solution for manufacture of
Carbon fibre, leds & Solar Cells, to name a few.

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UV coating cures and is chemically crosslinked. This provides for a coating film which has much higher chemical resistance than the waterborne. For ex

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Ultraviolet (UV) curing is a photochemical process in which high intensity UV is used to instantly cure inks, coatings or adhesives in a wide range of

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Field-upgradeable eight-color laser engine

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Seminar on “Modular electron beam engines for R&D and Production ” -by Dr. Gregor Hommes on 2nd July 2015, Time : 10:30 am, Location : Committee Room, Department of Textile Technology, IIT Delhi

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