SIMCO is a well-established supplier of Silicon solar cell manufacturing Machinery and related Test Equipment for solar photovoltaic industry. Solar cell manufacturing requires several processing steps like Diffusion, Oxidation, Plasma based Si3N4 anti-reflection coating and variety of metal & semiconducting thin films.

Sputtering equipments for Thin Film Solar cells like CdS, CdTe or CIGS based technology are also available.

MOCVD systems to develop and manufacture Space qualified multi-junction Solar Cell based on GaAs technology are also available.

Spin coating is another technique to deposit Multiple layers of thin films by Spinning the liquid on a substrate at high RPM like 12000rpm. Uniform Thickness can be achieved by setting up proper viscosity of liquid, appropriate RPM and Accelaration. Such Spin Coating equipment is available for demonstration at SIMCO Delhi. Please bring your idea to us for real test and evaluation.


Solar Cell test equipments like Solar Simulator System based on Xe Lamps and LED lamps together with I-V Tester, Vacuum Test Fixtures with high/low temp options, CPV Solar Simulator and IQE/EQE system for all type of solar cells (c-Si, a-Si, CdTe, CIGS, CZTS, DSSC, OPV Quantum Dots, GaAs III-V, Single Junction and Multi-Junction solar cells). The Simulators are NREL qualified and conforms to JIS, IEC, ASTM Class AAA specifications. Solar simulator with an extended range up to 1800nm is also offered.

Test equipment for Carrier Life time, microPCD and SPV, LBIC. Non-contact Sheet resistance & C-V measurement, with Mapping are available. Other Test equipment include Wafer thickness and P-N testers. These equipment are also suitable for Silicon Ingots.

DLTS instrument is also available for identification of deep level impurities in semiconductor materials.

For measuring multi-stack thin film thickness from nano to micron levels, a world renowned Spectroscopic Ellipsometer or Laser ellipsometer can be offered with a proprietary Porosimetry option.

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Solar simulators, I-V Tester, Reference cell, IQE/EQE system, Mask aligners, UV exposure systems, UV light sources etc.

Spectroscopic Ellipsometers, Laser Ellipsometer, Silicon Wafer Tester, Resistivity Mapper, Lifetime measurement, Spreading Resistance profiler, Microwave PCD Tool, Deep level spectrometer etc.

PECVD Systems for SiO2 and SiN, Dry Etching Systems, Plasma Cleaner, UV- Ozone Cleaner etc.

Sputtering systems, UHV based thin film and analysis equipments

Spin Coaters and Developers.

MOCVD equipment, OVPD system for GaAs solar cells

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    The client is a multinational company with revenues of $5.4 billion in 2011 that

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    Composites World, San Diego 2010 December 8, 2010

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    Nina Hsu Director, Government Relations & Business

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